10 Tips For Having A Safe And Fun Summer

Man and daughter on bike ride in parkWe all know all too well how quickly time flies by and how busy we become each day.  How often do you take time to plan activities and excursions for your upcoming weekends?

Don’t let your summer go by without doing as many fun outdoor trips and activities as possible!

Here are our Top Ten Ideas to have a fun filled Summer!

  1. Go strawberry picking-or visit your local farmer’s market
  2. Spend a day on your near by nature trails
  3. Take the kids to the park or splash pad
  4. Take a stroll on the beach or through the park
  5. Plan a camping trip or just sit outside around a bon fire in your own backyard
  6. Grow and nurture your very own garden in your backyard or front porch
  7. Enjoy some summer sports like tennis, baseball, horseshoes, bocce ball and volleyball
  8. Go out and watch the fireworks show downtown or near your home
  9. Watch the sunset by the lake 
  10. Have a BBQ– enjoy some time with family and friends!

Some other ideas you may want to consider to making your outdoor activities a healthy and safe choice:

  1. Legs of a young man runningCount Your Steps
    • Are you rockin’ a pedometer, a jawbone, the Fuel Band, MOOV or the ever popular fitbit? Or maybe you use your smart phone to track your activity level. There are many options, and people find tracking apps a great way to motivate themselves to be active.

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  2. Wearing Sandals May Not Suit All People!
    • If you have Diabetes or Peripheral Vascular Disease, wearing sandals can be risky! Because the sandal is open it is easy for rocks and other debris to get into the sandal and under the foot. Check with your doctor on the smart choice to make for your feet this summer!


  3. Develop Healthy Food Preparation Habits
    • Remember to wash all fruits and vegetables under running water. Use your hands and fingers to gently rub and loosen any coating on the food, then use a pa-per towel to pick up the droplets.

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