London Medical Transportation Systems (LMTS) has been providing non-emergency medical transportation across Southwestern Ontario since 1995.

We Offer A Wide Travel Area

We Specialize In Transporting

We Transport People To & From


Where We Travel:

Based in London, Ontario, we provide high quality wheelchair and ambulatory transportation services throughout the Province of Ontario. (Inter-province and USA travel considered on a case-by-case basis).


What We Specialize In:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Victims
  • Physically Disabled
  • Head Injured
  • Military Veterans
  • Passengers of all ages


Other Services We Offer:

LMTS also offers complete Transportation Management services for individuals for appointments (including coordinating the times, dates, locations, etc.) for riders and/or case managers.

  • Hospitals (appointments, cancer treatment, dialysis, surgery, etc.)
  • Medical Practitioner Offices (doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc.)
  • Physio Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Work Hardening Rehabilitation
  • Schools

*And anyone requiring assistance and care beyond what traditional transportation services can offer.


Our drivers have excellent safety records, are fully insured, and undergo rigorous training before being certified by LMTS. As an example, wheelchair vehicle drivers receive special training through Q’Straint (recognized leaders in wheelchair passenger transportation safety). This training includes the proper use of safety belts and harnesses as well driving and passenger loading and unloading procedures. You can rest assured knowing that our passengers are being driven with very high safety standards and levels of care.

As many of our recurring riders build friendships with their drivers, we make every effort to accommodate their wishes in regards to assigning preferred drivers for their regular transports

Over the years LMTS has transported over 200,000 clients, and we have earned the trust and respect of our ever-growing rider base. We pride ourselves on our continuing commitment to provide safe, reliable and cost effective transportation experience. We go the extra mile to ensure that clients arrive at, and return from their appointments on time.