At LMTS our motto is “because we care” and our riders can prove it.

Below are testimonials from a variety of riders and caregivers:

  • “The staff at LMTS became extended members of our family. I really don’t know what I would have done without the care and support they provided for my mom. The service is dependable, affordable and more importantly the staff truly cared about my mom. John and Anita, the owners, went above and beyond to provide the best transportation care for my mom. My mom loved her outings with the drivers. Each trip became more of an social outing for her as opposed to a mode of transportation. I would highly recommend this service. “
    –Karen Bruff

  • “We have been with L.M.T.S. for over a year now and have had excellent service with this company. The drivers are kind, courteous, helpful and punctual.”
    –Leonard Longeuay & Sylvia Frasher

  • “On September 22, 2004 I survived a severe motor vehicle accident and have used this service for 8 months. I have found it to be highly satisfactory. The drivers have been prompt and courteous and have assisted me from home to appointment with kindness and consideration, taking a personal interest with assisting me. I consider L.M.T.S. to be an exceptional service and would highly recommend it to anyone who requires this kind of assistance.”
    –Juanita Casselman M.D.

  • “When I first started in rehabilitation I needed assistance and I was very nervous in any car after my accident. The drivers with L.M.T.S. were sensitive to my needs and flexible to change as my needs changed. My husband feels better knowing if he cannot take me to my appointments that I am comfortable with the drivers and their driving ability. The service provided to me has taken the transportation worry away. I would trust them with any of my family members. I know I will get to my appointments in a timely fashion, unlike cabs which are always in a hurry to get the next fare. They will accommodate any changes I may have, even with short notice, and never have I had a negative response from the office. The only positive side of a life changing event like an accident is, in my normal everyday life I would have never met some very wonderful people.”
    –Irene Lennox

  • “…I’m restricted to a wheelchair because of an automobile accident. I had been transported by other transportation providers in London and experienced the following: late appointments, very long waits for returns, drivers (some not very friendly) that drove erratically and too fast.. After traveling with LMTS my stress and pain levels started to drop, including my blood pressure. LMTS drivers are very conscious of injured people and their needs. I also found their drivers to be very polite, patient and safe. They got me to my rehabilitation and medical appointments on time or a little early and with very little wait for return. I would recommend LMTS to anyone who is in need of transportation to any of their appointments. They are by far the best medical transportation provider in London. Thank you for all the great service…”
    –John Sorrenti

  • “Another satisfied and happy client”
    –Janisse LeClair

  • “We are pleased to recommend London Medical Transportation Systems having used this service for over one year. John Laverty and all his drivers provide all the assistance needed from your home to the vehicle and into the building for appointments, taking you and your mobility device to the correct office or dept. We have traveled in the wheelchair van and the regular car transportation, and have found John and his drivers very courteous and helpful. Pick ups and returns are done at your convenience with no long waits. Thank you John & Anita.”
    –George & Sandra Pollard