LMTS provides an excellent and personally rewarding work environment for its drivers.

  • “I have been driving for London Medical Transportation Systems for some time now and have enjoyed the work involved. I find my job interesting, satisfying and sometimes humbling on a personal basis. I am able to share a part in the every day lives of our clients and am happy to be able to help in some small way as compared to the large challenges some of them face. I have been trained to give the utmost of attention to each individual and to keep them safe as they travel to appointments. Because they care, London Medical Transportation Systems sets a high standard for all their drivers to follow! London Medical Transportation Systems has treated me kindly and with respect both as a driver and as a person.”
    –Lawrence Johnsson

  • “In the past 2 years as a driver, I have had the opportunity to meet many new friends, visit places I might never have seen, and have been shown many new favorite backroads that only the local clients could possibly know. The appreciation by the clients has been rewarding, but of particular joy has been the support and appreciation of the owners John Laverty and Anita Whytock.”
    –Karl Enns